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About Soul Confidence

We are a crew of badass millennial women reclaiming the word selfish. 

As women, we've been conditioned to be selfless. We've grown up learning to prioritize work, friends, partners, and family at the expense of ourselves and what we really want. 

This lack of self-prioritization has led us to feel disconnected, overworked, undervalued, and unfulfilled.

In Soul Confidence, we're changing the game.

We believe by prioritizing yourself first, you'll ultimately evolve into a better partner/friend/family member/co-worker, but more importantly, you'll finally evolve into the highest version of yourself.

How do we do this?

The Soul Confidence way is simple. In order to start prioritizing yourself you have to do three things:

1) Get Real With Yourself.
2) Blast Your Brilliance.
3) Put the Bullshit to Bed.

When you master Get Real With Yourself, you'll know how to identify exactly what you want, determine the steps you need to execute, and not settle for anything less.

When you master Blast Your Brilliance, you'll know how to cultivate a truly loving relationship with yourself, celebrate your successes no matter how big or small, and let your true soul shine regardless of who you're with.

When you master Put the Bullshit to Bed, you'll know how to take full ownership of your life experience, release the parts of your past that are holding you back, and whip your fears into shape so they don't keep you from evolving anymore.

When you become a member of Soul Confidence, you become part of a community of women who are mastering the magic of prioritizing themselves and evolving on purpose.

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Founder, Lindsey Liu

Lindsey Liu is an Amazon best-selling author, the host of the How to Be Selfish podcast, as well as the founder of Soul Confidence. You can learn more about her here

Lindsey created The Soul Confidence Model to help her overcome the struggle of prioritizing herself. Through her own life experiences and education at The Life Coach School, Lindsey has developed a winning formula of cognitive-behavioral tools to help millennial women evolve on purpose. You can read about working with her here

Lindsey doesn't believe in quick fixes. She believes in sustainable change. In her own words:

"I’m not the kind of Life Coach who’s going to feed you inspirational Instagram quotes without telling you *how* to use the quote to make progress in your life. I’m about cognitive-based tools and massive action. After going through a divorce in my mid-twenties, I dug deep to find myself. I quit my corporate job, got my coaching certification, opened a business, taught women how to love their bodies through pole dancing, published an Amazon-best selling book, launched Soul Confidence and found love again.

I’ve lived the content I teach, which is to say I know how fucking complicated it can be to get after your goals and evolve into the woman you want to be. I’ve struggled, slipped, recommitted, and conquered time and time again on my way to becoming who I am today.

I understand the struggle to claim what it is you want. I understand how scary it is to take the first step. I understand the allure of staying in a life that is “good enough.” I understand how hard it can be to take ownership of your own life. I understand what it is to brawl with your past when it comes to what you’re capable of. I understand the deep desire to be who you really are and have a fulfilling relationship with yourself.

I understand you.

You do not have to keep going the way things are going.
You are capable of evolving into the version of yourself you want to be.

I’m here to help you make it happen."

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