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About SC

We are a crew of badass millennial women reclaiming the word selfish. 

As women, we're rewarded for being selfless. We do things like prioritizing work, friends, partners, and family over ourselves time and time again -- constantly sacrificing what we really want for the sake of others.

Uh...fuck that noise.

In Soul Confidence, we do things a little different.  


The Soul Confidence way is simple. In order to be selfish without guilt you have to do three things:

1) Get Real With Yourself.
2) Blast Your Brilliance.
3) Put the Bullshit to Bed.

We believe you can prioritize yourself AND be a killer partner/friend/family member/co-worker without any of the mind-fogging guilt.

In Soul Confidence, we're challenging the belief that you have to sacrifice in order to put yourself first.


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Who runs this thing?

I'm Lindsey, your HCIC aka your Head Coach In Charge. You can learn all about me by clicking here

Quick synopsis? I'm an Amazon best-selling author, LCS Certified Coach, and the founder of this here crew. I also created a little something called The Soul Confidence Model that has changed my entire approach to life. 

Most importantly though, I'm a woman just like you who managed to overcome the struggle of choosing me, myself and I with hard-work, persistence, and life-changing cognitive-behavioral tools. 

I don't believe in quick fixes. I believe in long-term change.

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